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Centre for Australian Studies

Our section closely cooperates with the Centre for Australian Studies (CAS). The CAS, currently comprising the universities of Cologne, Dusseldorf and Bonn, is an interdisciplinary network that is committed to the study and promotion of inter- and transdisciplinary research and teaching in the area of Australian Studies. It brings together perspectives from History, Geography, Linguistics, Literary and Cultural Studies as well as Biology and Anthropology to enable complex, context-sensitive understandings of particular issues in Australian culture and society viewed from these vantage points. Migration, indigeneity, ecocriticism, transcultural exchange and postcoloniality are just some of the topics that the centre is interested in. The network guarantees a more stable access to Australian Studies courses across Germany through the use of online lectures and seminars, as lecturers with an interest in Australian Studies at a partner university can adapt the material provided by the network to offer detailed and personalised online courses.  Furthermore, the CAS aims to establish an international network of scholars in the field and promotes Australian-German research cooperation in particular. The CAS is unique in its efforts to foster relations between partner universities, both in Germany and worldwide, who are active in the field of Australian Studies.

Currently, the following online courses are being offered:

  • “Introduction to Australian Studies: (Trans-)Disciplinary Perspectives” (Lecture Series)
  • “Introduction to the Languages of Australia” (Melanie Brück)
  • “Indigenous Film” (Victoria Herche, CAS)
  • “Charting the Australian Fantastic: Ecocriticism, Migrant Fiction and Postcoloniality In Australian Speculative Fiction”

The Centre is committed to

  • promoting awareness and understanding of Australia as a geographically, culturally and linguistically unique and diverse environment
  • advancing Australian Studies in Germany in multiple areas of academia
  • encouraging the creation of new teaching formats and raising students’ interest in Australia-related topics
  • organising events (conferences, workshops, summer schools) on issues in Australian Studies past and present
  • establishing and maintaining links and connections between German and Australian scholars

If you would like to find out more about the Centre or would like to get involved, please send us an email:

Learn more about the seminar

“Charting the Australian Fantastic: Ecocriticism, Migrant Fiction and Postcoloniality In Australian Speculative Fiction” is an Advanced BA seminar with additional spaces for BA Praxismodul and MA students, which is offered in the coming winter term.

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